black sand beaches, iceland

First of all, Iceland is amazing…AMAZING. This place is gorgeous and ethereal. Coming to Iceland has been on my bucket list since I was in 8th grade and discovered the Icelandic band Sigur Rós. They changed my life and made me want to visit this small Nordic island even before the rest of the world knew it existed (not really, but you get the idea). In the past few years Iceland’s tourism has skyrocketed and I was itching at the chance to go. It wasn’t until a girl I follow on Instagram announced she was headed back to Iceland and looking for a few people who wanted to go. It took me a week before I had the guts to bring it up to my parents and book the ticket. Tons of Facebook messages later, I booked my ticket. I never dreamed I would get to visit this small island country and it still seems so surreal. We landed and while waiting in the airport, I saw Jonsi (lead singer of Sigur Rós)…I froze and just starred at him until he noticed me starring and quickly ducked out. Needless to say, my trip was made right then and there. To go to Iceland, and see Jonsi in the same day!? OMG. After fan-girling, meeting the other girls and getting food before the car rental, we headed to the Blue Lagoon. We eventually made our way into Reykjavik and then to our Airbnb. The next day, we got up, and drove the three hours to Vik. Once in Vik, we went to the black sand beaches to get some photos in ‘quickly’ before sunset (sunset was at 10:55 pm FYI). With plenty of time to shoot, we started…


BlkSand (24 of 84)

BlkSand (3 of 84)


BlkSand (19 of 84)

BlkSand (39 of 84)

BlkSand (54 of 84)


BlkSand (70 of 84)






2 Comments Add yours

  1. Glenn says:

    Good shots


  2. Dianna Harris says:

    Beautiful Slinky


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