iceland: recap

Waterfalls (47 of 57)BlkSand (70 of 84)BlkSand (12 of 84)BlkSand (53 of 84)BlkSand (6 of 84)BlkSand (80 of 84)BlkSand (54 of 84)BlkSand (24 of 84)Months ago, I set aside 12 days to go on a dream trip. Iceland has been on my bucket list since I was in 8th grade (yes I had a bucket list at 14, no I have no clue why). Anyways, Iceland was somewhere I said I  wanted to go, primarily to get a reaction out of people…at least at first.  Back in 2010, Iceland was not a popular destination, like, at all. My friends wanted to go to England, or Hawaii, and yeah those places did seem really cool, but that just wasn’t my ideal trip and as I got more into this whole Iceland kick, I realized I actually really, really wanted to go to Iceland. There was something about the landscape and the vibe of the small country that made me so interested. I also quickly realized that I didn’t want to go with my family. Now, I’m a homebody…like to the extreme. Friday night? Olivia’s at home…and Saturday and Sunday, and you get the idea. I am super close to my family and value family time over pretty much anything else; so for me to make this declaration that I wanted to go to a foreign country, where they didn’t primarily speak English, without my family, was huge. My mom (thank God) understood my reasoning. The reasoning was, I loved this place so much in a way that nobody around me did, and I appreciated the desolate beauty and I knew that none of my family shared this love. I knew I would want to go and stare out the car window the whole time, stop every five and a half minutes to take pictures of everything around me. I wanted to experience Iceland quietly, in my own personal way without having to defend why we had stopped the car for the 3,067th time to stare at a rock or a sheep or some abandoned farm house that was slowly crumbling into the mountain behind it. My mom understood this and (I think) was proud of me for it. But back to what I started saying… These twelve days I have been dreaming and planning and saving for for SO long. I could not WAIT to go to Iceland.

Extremely long story short, this trip and all the people I’ve gotten to meet  (from the girls I went with, to a Nat Geo photographer, and a lot of really cool tourists in between) and all the things we’ve done, has been amazing. We swam in the Blue Lagoon, climbed glaciers, explored lava rocks, froze in dresses, twirled under waterfalls and modeled on cliffs overlooking the ocean. I will never listen to Beyoncé without thinking of our long car rides (that is, if I ever freely elect to listen to Beyoncé). Peanut butter and banana with honey sandwiches will never taste as good as they did in Iceland, and now I’m addicted to TED Radio Hour on NPR.


Photos on the way as soon as I can figure out why my Lightroom isn’t working! #sigh I plan on posting random shoots from Iceland so I should probably apologize now for the crazy amount of photos of girls twirling in dresses under waterfalls you’re about to see..


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  1. Love your point of view! Stay with it … Can’t wait to see pics. Good luck

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