self portraits // iceland

*songs to listen to while reading: Florence and the Machine “Drumming Song” and “Shake it Out” because those are the songs we lived off of while these were being taken.*


Okay, so by now I’m sure everyone is tired of hearing about my trip to Iceland, but I still can’t believe it happened and I have so many images I still want to share. These in particular are my self portraits from the trip. When the other girls announced they were bringing tripods to do self portraits, I mentally said crap because I’m 100% sure TSA would categorize my tripod as ‘something that could harm them’ and it weighs about 20lbs so it had to stay put in my closet instead. Luckily, as it turned out nobody really wanted to lug their tripods around so we all just used each other as our tripods. We would set up the shot how we wanted, have one of the other girls stand to get the settings we wanted and then switch places. It was pretty funny actually. Sometimes we would be having full conversations with other tourists, who were curious about why we were in dresses in 7°c weather, while we just stood their holding the camera, clicking away.

This first group of photos was taken at a place I have no hope of pronouncing correctly: Fjadrárgljúfur.

I’m wearing a  For Love and Lemons dress and a bralette + bottoms from  Urban Outfiters. This was so SO cold. Literally the second coldest I’ve ever been..second only to a shoot I did back in March, in Denver where my legs started to turn blue.

loveandlemons (8 of 22)loveandlemons (6 of 22)loveandlemons (4 of 22)loveandlemons (11 of 22) copy


The next set, at the same location were for a company called Franky’s Jewelry. They’re based out of Austin, TX and operate for a great cause. 20% of the profit from every piece sold is donated to The National Ataxia Foundation, which is a foundation that deals with a very rare type of degenerate disease. I reached out to Franky’s to see if they would want to send me a few pieces that I could photograph, and then send back. FYI I did this with about twenty companies but only heard back from about six. I’m so glad they said yes though.

Necklace: Franky’s Jewelry  *  Flannel: American Eagle *  Jeans: Old Navy


me (1 of 14)me (9 of 14)


The next set, were taken at the black sand beach outside of Vik.

plane (26 of 26)plane (12 of 26)plane (11 of 26)plane (10 of 26)plane (4 of 26)plane (3 of 26)

Headpieces by Lindsay Marie Design

Dress Forever21


These, taken at this adorable little pool that is so tucked away from the rest of the world, that you really have to know where it is to be able to find it. We hiked for about 15 minutes to get there and even though we didn’t swim, we still appreciated the picturesque landscape. The pool is an actual pool, rectangle, filled with water, ladder and all. Its geothermally heated and slightly murky when compared to the rest of the water found in Iceland.

me (38 of 23)me (34 of 23)me (29 of 23)me (22 of 23)me (16 of 23)


Dress Free People found at The Boutique at Body Wellness (Instagram @TheBoutiqueAtBodyWellness)



*I didn’t edit out any acne or eczema because I wanted these to be true to form. The only retouching done was to adjust lighting…no teeth whitening, eye brightening, or liquifying. These images are not perfect but I’m a strong believer that self portraits should not be perfect.*













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  1. Brooke Tyson says:

    What an incredible trip, and how fun you took the time to do some portraits! I love the jewelry pieces by Franky’s Jewelry, and I am so impressed that you braved that freezing cold weather for portraits!


    1. Olivia Reed says:

      Aw thank you so much! I love Franky’s too, their jewelry is great!


  2. lauramatney says:

    These are amazing and you got so many great shots! I love that first dress too!


    1. Olivia Reed says:

      My favorite dress too! Thank you!


  3. Natalie says:

    This is incredible. Whoa! Love!


  4. These are gorgeous! They make me want to get out there and do some self-portraits! All of your outfits are perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olivia Reed says:

      I’m so glad you feel inspired! Go girl!


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