franky’s jewelry

When I was planning for Iceland, I knew I wanted to reach out to different brands to see if they would want to send me some products to shoot for Iceland! I thought it was a great idea, but only a handful of brands out of the 24some I asked, did too! I guess sending your products to some random girl who emails you about a trip she’s taking is considered ‘sketchy’…Oh well! It worked out, and I’m so grateful for the brands that did send to me. It was really fun trying to find different locations for each piece. One company in particular, Franky’s Jewelry is a great company, supporting a great cause. The creator of the company, Moria, donates 20% of all proceeds from any necklace sold to the National Ataxia Foundation, to support her father.


me (9 of 14)

Model Rachel Hyde (IG: @rachaelhyde)

Model Olivia Reed (IG: @oliviiareed)


See my whole edited album here!



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