day trip // philly



Okay, so if anyone read my post from my time in Portland, ME then you’ve seen Emma, Brooke + Tori aka the #FourMaineBabes. Yes we came up with a travel hashtag and yes, it’s awesome. Anyway, this past Wednesday was Emma’s 19th birthday and we all took a day trip up to Philly!

Two hours and some Jonas Brothers songs later, we arrived in Philly, parked and started exploring. The main thing Emma wanted to do was go to the Magic Gardens which is this building full of mosaic art. It’s pretty cool.

But before we made it to the Magic Gardens we waled up and down Chestnut street, stopping in Anthroplogie, Free People, Paper Source and of course we had to find a Shake Shack!

I really regret not having my camera with me the whole time, because we had so much fun exploring downtown Philly. We got to be filmed for a QVC segment (lolz) and we met up with one of Emma’s best friends, and then her sister for dinner.

When we made it to the Magic Gardens, it was 5:51pm. Tori had the brilliant idea to check what time the place closed and according to Google, it closed in 9 minutes. We quickly made it over and were fully intending to pay full price just to explore and shoot for 5 minutes. The guy at the door did not let us in so we hung out in front of the building and got some shots with their exterior walls.

We were so rushed trying to make it to our dinner reservation that we didn’t get to shoot for very long but I think another day trip is definitely in order soon.











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