Okay, so I LOVE dance photography. I love dance in general, I can’t actually dance myself but that doesn’t stop me from trying. In my high school photo class we had an assignment, ‘shoot in the style of a master photographer’. There was a list of people, so I had heard of, most I hadn’t and after some research I didn’t really like most of their styles. I mean they had great photographs, but when you think about trying to emulate someones style, all of the sudden, their photos start to look a lot different. So, I did some research and found the ‘master’ I wanted to emulate for my project. Max Waldman. Waldman was a dance photographer primarily and he shot on film exclusively. I have always loved the look of film, I’ve tried film photography and have a ton of old film cameras, most of which don’t work anymore. But, when I saw this photographers shots, I was sold. Luckily, I had a friend at the time who did ballet. I roped her in, and we shot in an alley way next to my house. I’m not sure where those photos are now, but both my photo teacher and I agreed I had found my niche. Fast forward fourish years, and I’m itching to shoot more dancers. Through the wonder of social media, I connected with this amazing local dancer. I reached out to her and after two hours of shooting, over 1,000 images and sore muscles just from watching her, we had created something pretty cool (at least I think so).




Dancer: Morgan






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