San Francisco

Where do I start with San Francisco? it was an A-MAY-ZING trip. I want to go back, like now. San Francisco is one of the few exceptions I have to the whole ‘I hate cities’ mindset. SF is spread out, it’s clean, everyone’s really cool, it’s foggy (A LOT). Basically SF is kinda perfect. They have great coffee shops, new technology, apps, lots of fog, and did I mention bubble tea? Oh yeah bubble tea is a must. Originally, I was going to go out to California by myself for about 10 days. Long story short, it turned into 6 days with my friend Maddie. I don’t know why, but I’m on this whole kick that I need to travel alone. I’m an introvert so I definitely need alone time to recharge, but that also means that if someone doesn’t push me to try something new, I probably won’t do it. Therefore, traveling alone is dumb (for me at least) because I wouldn’t have done most of what we did in SF.

While in SF, we explored, ate yummy food and had a lot of fun in a new city. This was my first time in California and it did not disappoint. We walked through Chinatown, went to Alcatraz and found a great rope swing under the Golden Gate Bridge! We also drove down the coast through Monterey, Carmel by-the-sea, and Big Sur.

Photos of me by Maddie

See more photos here!












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