Caryn + Grady

Back in December, I had a vision (a Pinterest board) of doing an engagement shoot at a tree farm in the snow. Now, first of all, Maryland, doesn’t cooperate when it comes to weather so I knew the whole ‘snow’ idea was more of a pipe dream. The second thing was that I didn’t know any newly engaged couples who might let me use them for photos. Then I realized, I did know a couple. A really (really) sweet, and in love, local couple. I reached out to them, asked them if they would be interested, and they said yes! So we planned a shoot, I found a tree farm, everything was set. But of course, Maryland REALLY doesn’t cooperate with weather, so the day we were supposed to shoot the forecast? Rain. RAIN! Why couldn’t it have just dropped 10 degrees and fulfilled my Pinterest dreams? So we rescheduled for the first weekend in January. January rolled around, cold as always and with little promise of snow. Nonetheless, I left for the shoot and drove to the beautiful Wye Island (had to scratch the Christmas tree farm idea too). Wye Island is on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, if you’re not familiar with the area. I had never been before, so I showed up early and drove around, scoping out what was around. As I was driving through the island, IT STARTED SNOWING! Unfortunately, it was a quick snow shower, and it left next to nothing on the ground, but hey, at least we saw some snow.

I found a cute little path with lots of trees draping over it, that ended in a beach. I was about to text my couple to let them know where I was (even though I wasn’t really sure where I was) and there they were, they drove right up behind me! Caryn + Grady aka the most adorable couple ever, and their three pups got out of the car and we started our shoot!

No wind, (lack of) snow, or eccentric puppies were going to slow us down! oliviareedphoto_engagement001















ANDD right during the middle of shooting, they asked me to shoot their wedding!! I just about died in the woods. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this September! These two are amazing human beings and I have so loved getting to know them.





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